Types Of Angelohair Extended Hair

The variety of hair types and color palette allows to satisfy any client’s needs. According to hair structure features we divided them by types: budget line’s hair (European and Premium) and luxury segment (Slavic, South-Russian).

Comparative table of hair types


Preferences Russian Hair European (chineese, indian, etc.)
100% natural hair
Hair processing system Single Drawn, greater volume at the foundation becoming thinner by the length
Straightening and thermal curling
Remy hair with cuticle
Clarification and permanent (previously using a test-strand)
Dyeing and toning hair (previously using a test-strand)
Keratin straightening
Time of usage according to all terms of usage > 12 months ~3 months
Terms of usage Care of extended hair has no differences from care of your own hair, it is recomennded to use masks and balms for dyed hair. Intensive care and softening of extended hair is needed using special cosmetics Angelohair to prevent hair meshing.