Hair care

How to wash a head with express hair? We have some tips!

Washing a head with express hair

  • After the procedure of hair extension you shouldn’t wash your head for 1-2 days. This is necessary for strong attaching of tapes.
  • You need to keep your head in vertical position in process of washing. Remember that when you throw your head back, extended hair gather to moisture, tapes become heavier and doing loading on hair roots.
  • We recommend our customers to use cosmetic products Angerohair in special series “Extensioncare”: shampoo for care of extension hair “BASESHAMPOO” and restoring mask for extension hair “REPAIRMask”. It is possible for our customers to use some of care products by themselves.
  • Masks, balsams and oils shouldn’t be applied on hair root zone but on the whole hair length.
  • If you are extending European and Premium series, pay special attention on choosing of moistening and nourishing mask. Also, include in your arsenal regenerative spray and silicon oil because these facilities are needed to keep healthy appearance of economical series of extended hair. While using keep in mind that oily component shouldn’t contact with capsules to prevent exfoliation.

Making extended hair

  • To brush extended hair we recommend a special hairbrush for extended hair: it has soft bristle without marbles at the end.
  • You can just dry extended hair with a drier and arrange them with hair straightener or curling iron. The working area shouldn’t contact the fastening places of tapes. We recommend using special termal-secure sprays.
  • You can do arranging with using hairbrush and drier on curlers. Be accurate especially with temple zone because there hair is much thinner and less strong.

Correcting the extended hair

  • One of the most important points of caring about extended hair is timely correction.
  • Period of bearing the extended hair before correction usually takes 1,5-2,5 months; this is strongly individual and depends on growth rate of your own hair. On average strand should grow for 0.4-0.8 inches. It also depends on thickness of your own hair and on comfort level of each customer.
  • Entrust removing of express hair only to professionals.
  • By using express hair expert removes the tapes, correcting the fastening zone and places the same set of tapes. By this length is reduced for small amount. One set of tapes is used from 4-5 to 8-10 times.